Our trucks are made with Omnipanel, making them superior in thermal and noise insulating properties. The panel provides incredible strength whilst remaining thin, to maximise internal space, save weight, and increase payload.

Trust In Us To Deliver

At Fairfax Industries we’ve designed a 3.5m refrigerated truck body to offer an agile delivery solution for urban based routes. 

Our design engineers have paid special attention to the practicality of our delivery trucks, using only the highest quality of hardware and door seals. Some of the further features include;

  •  Various Temperature controlled systems, included with the body.
  •  A full height door allows access to the dual temp front compartment.
  •  Dual two steps are included for easy access to goods.
  •  Fridge/Freezer compartment
  •  Rear step bar
  •  Rear view camera
  •  Recessed latches


Modern Cab

This vehicle has been specifically designed to offer an alternative versatile delivery solution, with enviable storage capacity, a large payload and our ability to provide for any requests. Our vehicles deliver advantages to any business.

Your choice of a Modern Cab Chassis provides an enjoyable driving experience for employees and we can even incorporate a curved roof with guaranteed fuel savings upwards of 7%.

  •  Various Temperature controlled systems, included with the body.
  •  Ambient compartment
  •  Divided Fridge/Freezer compartment
  •  Lightweight side steps
  •  Reversing camera
  •  Marker lights & External latches

Why Us?

At Fairfax Industries, you are dealing with staff that are experienced in all aspects of your unique vehicle, from the conception through to the end product and the maintenance thereafter of all vehicles we distribute. You will find no better vehicle to suit your personal needs.

We provide a fast and efficient service with guaranteed satisfaction from the customer. Because our customers are our priority we understand even the smallest improvements deliver the outcomes needed for success.

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